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Caño Cristales : The most beautiful river in the world

The following photographs correspond to Caño Cristales, a very special river which is usually called < The most beautiful river in the world>.

The colors shown in these pictures are absolutely real and there aren't any photographic tricks at all. Caño Cristales is in the northern part of Colombia , in "Sierra de la Macarena".

The bed and rocks of this river are covered with mosses and algae which for much of the year appear as dull green and brown water plants. The water level regulates the among of sunlight reaching the plants. At certain times of the year depending on the water level the mosses 'bloom'. Caño Cristales did not reach the 100 km of longitude and 20 meters of wide

During the rainy season the mosses are too deep for all the colors to bloom and during the dry too shallow. There is a window between the dry and rainy seasons where the water level is just right and the mosses display their rainbow of colors. The spectacular blooms create an array of colors. Though remote, the spectacle has attracted a few adventurous travel agencies who have begun a type of ecotourism that flys tourists to the town La Macarena.


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